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Fabulous DIY Bathroom Storage Ideas


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Bathroom Ideas. Now we provide you with collection of 20+ Amazing DIY Bathroom Storage Ideas to arrange your bathroom. In this group, you’re going to find a lot of practical and effortless DIY projects.

Do not let clutter shoot over your bathroom. There are a whole lot of amazing storage and business solutions with a little bit of imagination. These ideas can allow you to keep organized, whether your bathroom is big or small.

Amazing DIY, Wall full of baskets

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Clever bathroom storage idea

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Another Clever DIY Bathroom Storage solution


Clever Idea, Shower Pocket Storage

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Creative DIY Storage

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Back of a bathroom door to hang towels

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Linen cabinets

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DIY Bath Towel Storage

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Copper Pipe Towel Rail

Source: instructables

DIY Hair dryer center for under the bathroom sink

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DIY Hanging Bathroom Shelf

Source: Shanty 2 Chic

Over the Door Bulk Storage

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Pallet Wood Bathroom Storage

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Practical Bathroom Storage

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Wood Tilt-Out Trash Cabinet

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Hidden storage space around the bathtub

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Magnetic toothbrush holder

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PVC pipe connector to hold a hair dryer

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Recycled bottle caps to store your toothbrushes

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Super DIY Project, File Box Appliance Storage

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Well Organized Bathroom Cabinet

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